Vanessa has been a great asset and an excellent project manager. She gets things done and is very personable. Her knowledge of IT has been a great help and she makes an excellent Girl Friday. She is loyal and cares about people whichalso makes her a good team member.

Hilarie Owen, Chief Executive at The Leaders’ Institute

Vanessa has been such a great support to my business. She has always understood my needs and works autonomously as well as knowing when to raise any matters with me. Her written communication skills and attention to detail are excellent and I’ve always had complete trust in her when she’s needed to contact clients. Another great asset of Vanessa’s is her ability to help with improvements, and her help in facilitating and producing client onboarding templates and processes have been invaluable and are used by all the team. I highly recommend Vanessa to any business looking for an extra pair of hands.

Holly Siddall, Owner at iLex Accountancy Services

Vanessa is like the fairy godmother for businesses. She’s supported two of my companies and both have grown as a result. Neither had the budget initially but Vanessa’s improvements to the seamless running of both resulted in me having more time to grow them which in return brought a much higher turn over. Everyone needs a Vanessa in their life!

Kelly Terranova, Content Creator/Writer/Speaker/Storyteller/Dancer

Vanessa is thorough, on the ball, resourceful and works at a speed I thought only I worked at.  She ‘gets stuff done’. Vanessa also has a great eye for ways to make life easier for a business and has introduced several free programmes to my school that have served to make the company run a lot better.  The reason I can say it is money well spent is because I am still up on where I was before after I pay her for her month’s work.  Taking that leap was the best decision I ever made!

Anneli Dance School


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