What Clients Say

Knowing Vanessa for many years, I knew all too well how impressive her skills were when it came to organisation and a good eye for how to help a business run smoothly.  Even as a dance instructor at my school, Vanessa would dabble in organising events and the team, as it was human nature for her to see a clear answer to any problems that might have occurred.  As soon as the opportunity arose, I jumped at the chance to hire her as a VA, knowing her skills in the areas every business needs would help my own business thrive.

As a Director, I want to be able to focus on the entrepreneurial side: new ideas, exciting opportunities and the long term vision.  I found that constantly working ‘in’ the business, rather than ‘on’ the business meant little time was left for this, and furthermore, my creative juices weren’t there anymore.  Sometimes it is important to recognise growth comes from letting go of control and trusting others may do a better job than you can do, whilst you focus on what you always wanted – the dream!

Vanessa is thorough, on the ball, resourceful and works at a speed I thought only I worked at.  She ‘gets stuff done’.  Vanessa also has a great eye for ways to make life easier for a business and has introduced several free programmes to my school that have served to make the company run a lot better.  The reason I can say it is money well spent is because I am still up on where I was before after I pay her for her month’s work.

Taking that leap was the best decision I ever made!

Kelly Terranova, Principal of Anneli Dance School

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